ANESTHESIA: PART II (as requested):3 hours (40 tracks) of calming tunes to suit your sleepy n sad mood. Featuring: keaton henson, daughter, bright eyes, death cab for cutie, the head and the heart, flatsound and much more.

listen here

listen to anesthesia part 1 here

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A Lovely calligraphic font: Garden by Los Andes (60% off introductory offer)

The south americans type-designers Luciano Vergara and Coto Mendoza have released a new lovely font based catchwords in brush calligraphy. The family comes with a wide variety of choices, even non calligraphic styles like hand made roman letters that make a good combination with the catchwords included in the family. Also comes with floral dingbats and botanical ornaments. The inspiration behind this family comes from the Brazilian culture with “cheerful and warm people”, the designers said.

Download it here: http://myfonts.us/byAsHp

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Last week, slamnahuatl performed at a moonlit open mic, and it just so happened that I had my camera.

Finally getting my life together and setting up my desk. Nothin’ like vinyl while I work.


Atlas The Lion and Edie Campbell by Tim Walker | Love #10


Atlas The Lion and Edie Campbell by Tim Walker | Love #10

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MANIFOLD//6, a sound design studio based in San Francisco, CA.

Still working on the website, but keep your eyes out! It’s gonna be good.